Friday, August 5, 2011

Life's a Basket of Cherries!

Between me being pregnant and my little fruit-aholic, we've been going through the cherries at our house! And they are good!

You know what else is "cherry"... my new photography help book! My favorite photography blog is by Kristen Duke. I love to look at her work and feel inspired. Makes me want to go out and "shoot" something. (ha, ha, bad joke) She has an eBook out called "Say NO to Auto" that I just got recently and I was so excited to try it that I haven't even printed it yet! It's short and sweet and made so much sense that I was confident that I could actually take pictures in (get this) manual mode. I am always so concerned about capturing the moment and not wanting to screw up something good that I've been too afraid to take my camera off "automatic". But now... check this out!

I'm still learning... working out the kinks. I also didn't pick the brightest day to try this (it was rather overcast out), but I think these turned out pretty good - if I do say so myself. I love my little model. And she had no problem sitting there and eating cherries!!!

Looking forward to more practice... come back soon to see what I "shoot" next.

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