Sunday, May 13, 2012

P52: Still Life

Do you think of a bowl of fruit with a light source off to the side on a dark backdrop when you think of "Still Life"? I guess that brings me back to art class in Jr. High. But it was refreshing to not take a picture of a living, breathing subject. It holds so still and you don't have to bribe it with a marshmallow!

And just in time for Mother's Day! Mom, I dedicate this post to you! Since I can't give you flowers... these don't smell near as good (and these smelled wonderful!) but it'll last a whole lot longer. I've got the best mom ever - and she is my best friend. You know what they say about daughters... they are just little girls who grow up to be your friend. That makes me so happy because I've got 2 of my own now and I hope that they'll have the same relationship with me as I do with my mom!

I love spring time! I love the sunshine, the 70-80 degree weather and I love the flowers! Not a big fan of the awful allergies we are having this year, but I guess that's the price we pay.

If you aren't thinking of an ol' bowl of fruit, look for more Still Life at Project 52 this week.

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