Friday, August 3, 2012

'E' Family

Remember these folks? You saw them here just a few months ago. Of course I was happy to shoot this fun and photogenic family again!

I'd like to thank the Showboat Branson Belle for letting us use their beautiful property for this event! When I visited their dinner show a couple weeks ago, I knew I'd want to take pictures there. (It was a good show and meal too!)

I realized that this is the first post in quite a while that wasn't a family member! As for Project 52... I'm not quite sure what happen to her, but she stopped doing it on her site and passed the baton onto someone else - I just could figure out who or where. Sad day. I miss P52. I think I'll try to do my own version... somehow. It was nice to have something to push myself to expand outside the box!

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