Friday, November 13, 2015

She's Here!

{Caution: contains graphic content}

She's here, she's finally here! Because this stubborn little girl wanted to be dragged out of her comfy little space, she chose to be breached. So... threy got to have a 'planned' C-section. Not what momma wanted, but the baby is here safe and sound.

I was truly honored to be able to be in the OR with them as the official photographer (and official sister-in-law). I was very surprised at how well these doctors and nurses treat the photographer!

Here she is, so chubby and cute and healthy! Look at those cheeks! 

Welcome to parenthood guys! They make a beautiful family. I loved every second of this shoot. Maybe because I got an adorable new niece out of it. And some extra baby lovin'. She really is a special girl.

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